05 November 2009

I'm the world's WORST blogger!

So after much waffle-ing..... and back and forth and back and forth...... and thinking about it no too much.....

I'm re-reenlisting in the Army.

Active duty baby!

Paperwork's all signed and I leave for MEPS early to mid next week.

So all two of you can expect to see some minor format changes in this vastly empty blog.....

But I will try to keep it as honest and me as I can, just have to make sure that the disclaimer at the top emphasises that this is all me and has nothing to do with the US Gov't, DoD, Dept. of the Army and other such nonsence to cover my ass.

You two know my opinions and where I stand on most issues so they won't need to be repeated.

JB2D is back kids!

But out for now......

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