06 November 2009

Fratricide? Again?

My initial reaction was to blog about this immediately. But everything just seemed too hasty.....

"He's dead..... no wait..... he's still alive...... his name is Malik Nidal Hasan.... no wait.... it's Nidal Malik Hasan..... he has PTSD (even though he's never deployed)..... he was disgruntled..... he was scarred to deploy.... he was a Muslim convert...... now wait, he was born Muslim....."

Everyone was understandably firing from the hip but in the initial frenzy it seemed that all the mainstream media wanted to do was get a body count out there.

Now that the dust has settled, so to speak, a clearer picture is beginning to develop.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a 39-year-old doctor of psychiatry who completed his education and internship to become a doctor in May and was PCS'd to Ft. Hood shortly there after.

Once he got his Dr. title, he was automatically promoted to the rank of Major and began enjoying that fat six figure salary.

Now there is another bit of confusion (at least on my part) in whether or not he was converted to Islam or a Muslim from birth. I have found both statements and am not able to draw up any conclusion of my own at this time.

He was argumentative with his fellow troops in regards to the GWOT and had been under investigation for statements that were troubling to say the least.

I also came across this bit of S-2, courtesy of reader "Storm" over at Blackfive.net.

"He joined the Army for the benefits. According to his family, he never deployed before, just completed his education and internship to become a doctor in May. Along with the Dr. tag came the rank of Major and a 6 figure salary. He has always hated the war on terror and has supported Iraqis as victims of US aggression. When he got word of his deployment, he hired a lawyer and tried to get either his deployment dropped or be let out of the Army. He even offered to pay back the money spent on his education. He saw no reason not to stay in the land of milk and honey, making 6 figures and not have to earn it. According to his cousin he was born Muslim, not converted and even did poorly on the firing range. Also, he is reported to have done poorly on his most recent proficiency report on his work at the hospital. It is believed that this morning, his lawyer had bad news for him... So he had some bad news of his own to deliver."

Blackfive, Uncle Jimbo and the guys over there, to include the majority of their readers, are notoriously accurate and hit center mass 99.75% of the time.

But keep in mind that there are still going to be inaccuracies for a little while long as investigations are conducted and evidence is collected.

And this assbag of an officer is questioned as it seems that he is still alive and in stable condition.

But initial reports stated that he only had a couple handguns which makes me wonder how he managed to kill and wound so many.

I mean, let's think about this for a few shall we?

The two most common types of semi-auto pistol (for military types) are 9mm (Beretta M-9 style) and a .45 ala Colt 1911.

They carry around 10 - 15 rounds in the clip with one in the chamber.

2 pistols with 2 mags loaded and probably another 2 -4 loaded mags in his pockets, coupled with the fact that this douchefag is obviously a coward, firing most likely from the hip added to the fact that he was a poor marksman.

I feel that it is very likely that in all the confusion and fear that the some of the police officers responding, and there were quite a few from my understanding, probably shot a few innocents themselves by accident.

There is just no way that I believe that this pathetic excuse for an officer, Muslim, human could have done, please excuse the term, this well on his mission.

So the two of you talk it over..... let me know what you think.

Was this just some shit gob acting out of fear and cowardice over the thought of having to deploy or was this a Muslim extremist committing and act of terrorism on U.S. soil?

Personally I feel it's a combination of the two.

I'm also interested how the MSM spins this. We wouldn't want to be sued by CAIR or anyone for hurting their feelings now, would we?

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Randal Blanchette said...

If it pans out that this transplanted camel jockey was indeed the lone shooter, I would be highly surprised. We all know the chem dump that happens once the brass start falling. Thus I think that the MP's et al, prolly zapped a couple, but hey, collateral damage eh? Better a few wounded than a lot more dead. I am just really shocked that some farm boy did not pull a Rambo and clock his ass...