18 October 2008

SITREP follows.....

Here's a sitrep of where I'm at right now....

1. Still unemployed (full time). I've got a part-time gig a a four radio station cluster in the next town over. Hoping I can squeeze more hours out of it.

2. The Omni-potent gas company, WE Energies has royally screwed me and my family over and shut our gas off. This means no heat for me, my wife and my two kids in our 110 year old house. We dress warm during the day and all sleep in the same bed with a single space heater going. We've ordered a new wood pellet boiler and I moved eight tons of wood pellets into the basement as we are waiting for out new boiler to arrive later this month.

3. And finally, I'm still waiting to hear back from the Dept. of Homeland Security / US Border Patrol about my application, physical fitness test and review board.

So for now, I'm in a holding pattern awaiting further instructions. I just want to provide for my family and am feeling a little down in the dumps that I can't right now.

So, to fill the dead space on my little corner of this interweb thingy, I'd like to post a link to a cool website that interviewed me a little over a year ago.

They are UCV, or United Conservatives of Virgina.

At the time, I was looking forward to another deployment to Iraq. Sadly, that deployment was not to be for me. I've moved on to another unit and am trying to get deployed thru them.

So without further ado.....

"Thanks to the guys at Centcom, UCV was hooked up with a great Warrior Blogger for an interview. He is JawBreaker 2 Delta, one of America's finest, a good writer and funny as hell. JB2D will be deployed again soon and with everything he's got going on in his life, we truly appreciate the time he took to answer our questions." - United Conservatives of Virgina -


Read on thru the above link!

JB2D out!

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