25 March 2007

My first movie: Memories of my near death experiance, hilarity ensues....

This is my first attempt at putting together a movie with pictures and video from my deployment on OIF III. The video begins with an IED that was meant for the third truck (mine) in our three truck convoy.

Before we ever left the FOB that morning, my team leader (CPT B-Rock, bald head, mustache, butt hovering over his head) got a call from a Neighborhood Council member in a village just down the road from Jisr Diyala and the Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Facility. I can't remember the name right now. The NAC member told us that some "Wahhabi's" (Iraqi slang for any badguy) had placed a bomb on the route that we had used once too often apparently. We took a back way to the meeting after we called EOD.

While we were at the meeting, the insurgents were at a traffic circle on the far side of the IED area. They began unloading a HUGE amount of AK-47 fire into the air in an attempt to draw us out.

Instead, we tightened up our perimeter and put a couple shooters on top of the Council building.

Once the morons figured out that we weren't going to take the bait, they left.

As our meeting ended, we got word over the net that the EOD team that was to take care of our IED got hit by an IED of their own while en route to us. Ironic.

So we got to the meeting at a little past 9am, the small arms "trap" began around 9:45am. EOD gets hit around 10:30am. The meeting ends about 12pm. We get word EOD is coming down the road on the far side of bomb site around 1:30pm. We mount up and zip out onto the road and close it (the road) down in both directions.

Within 3 minutes, there was at least a five mile back up on both sides. The kids come out and begin chatting with us.

Some of the boys get out of hand and I chase them off with a piece of radiator hose an adult gave to me. Once the boys figure out I'm not going to use it, I give it to my interpreter "Ahmed the Tiger" who has no problem using it.

They didn't bother us anymore.

Then we hear, "Controlled detonation in five minutes..... 3 minutes..... 1 minute, take cover".


Hilarity ensues.....

JB2D out.


Mary*Ann said...

Very good job on the video!

Matti said...

Hey that was cool. Thanks for posting it. :-)

Bryan Hill said...


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What do you think?


Bryan Hill
Research Associate
Center for Security Policy

Duffy said...

Very cool video. One thing that stuck out for me was not on the video. Rather:

"some "Wahhabi's" (Iraqi slang for any badguy)"

Is this only among the Shia?