12 December 2007


Well, after about four months of trying to be a civilian, it just didn't work out.

I have successfully re-enlisted. Unfortunately, I missed the deployment with my old battalion, the 432nd CA Battalion in Green Bay.

I have been placed in the 377th Maint. Co. in Manitowoc. While I'm trying to get re-assigned to the 181st Infantry Brigade at Ft. McCoy, I feel that if I would be okay if I were to stay with the 377th. They have made a positive first impression on me.

I can still be cross-leveled to another Civil Affairs battalion, which is what I'm hoping for, so I can get deployed and continue to do my part in GWOT.

If anybody from the 404th CA Bn at Ft. Dix sees this, E-MAIL ME ASAP!

Sorry for the long delay in posting, but no sooner did I get back from MEPS than my computer takes a complete and most likely final crap on me. I've been living at the library ever since.

The next post will be coming VERY soon as I'm thinking of either writing a book or starting my own comic book based on my mis-adventures the first time I went to the "Bagh".

Any comments? Send 'em to me!

JB2D out!


Mary*Ann said...

Will be waiting for that post...very soon!

Mary*Ann said...

Merry Christmas JB.

Mary*Ann said...

Happy New Year!