16 January 2008

How I learned to stop worrying and become a NUTBUSTER!

Okay, I ended my last post with the intention of posting again soon. And in typical Specialist form, I didn't.

I will NOT offer up an excuse, as we ALL know what excuses are like.... instead, I will offer an explanation of my tardiness and leave it up to you to forgive me or not.

No sooner did I finish that last post, then my local library decided it was a good time to install new carpet. Inconsiderate bastards never thought to run this little idea past me first!

So I went and dropped my desktop computer off to get fixed, that was the middle of last month, I just picked it up this morning!

So while that was happening, I decided enough of this crap! I went and bought myself a highspeed Sony Viao laptop and got all the bells and whistles: WI-FI, CD/DVD RW drive, all the security software, and a three year warrenty that covers everything except for droping it in the ocean or spilling acid on the keyboard. It says those exact words in the policy, I love Best Buy! So I'm covered all the way through my next deployment!

I had this bad oscar optimized and here we are!

UPDATE: I have successfully re-enlisted and have decided to stay in the 377th Maint. Co. (DS). These guys seem like some real hard chargers and they are really good people, squared away, as they say.

So it is official, JawBreaker is now a Nutbuster!


JB2D out.