20 November 2007

One year closer....

So it finally happened.

I turned 28.

I'm home, alone, playing Guitar Hero and wishing I was back in Iraq.

I'm going to be too late getting back in to go with my guys from the 432nd. But I guess it's okay, I'll try to link up with some guys I worked with the first time from the 404th in New Jersey.

My guys will be leaving for MOB site this coming Monday, when I'm heading to Milwaukee MEPS.

I hope nothing happens to some of the new guys who will be going for the first time. I hope I was able to impart something useful to them before I left. Part of me feels like I've deserted them, even though I know that's not the case and that I'm trying as hard as humanly possible to get back.

I feel like an old sack of shit. Emphasis on old.

I hope that I can meet up with them when I finally do get back over there.

JB2D out.


Mary*Ann said...

You're doing what you can. And there just might be some of us out here who laughed out loud at you calling yourself "old".

Anonymous said...

Good luck over there, I wish you and yours the best of holidays!!!

by Sergeant First Class Chuck Grist said...

O.K., junior, let's cut the "old" talk. Old is a 58-year-old Vietnam and Iraq war veteran who refuses to take his uniform off.

Good luck anyway....!

SFC Chuck Grist