14 March 2007

I've got a legit comment!

I just recieved my first REAL comment!

Hopefully this means that I'll be accepted into the Mil-Blog world.

SGT Keller (read the comments section from the "Boots" post below) actually wants to interview me via e-mail.

I've been to Baghdad once and might be going back their soon. Or I could end up somewhere else in Iraq. I don't know where, I just know I'm going.

So anywho.... I'll be posting a link to not only his web site (http://thinking-right.com) but I hope to get a nice little banner so you can get to the CENTCOM website and read what's going on over there for yourself.

I'll post more tomorrow, as I'm working the overnight (11pm to 7am central) and coming back to work my normal shift (1pm to 11pm central). So it's going to be a brutal couple days and I'll need to kill some time.

JB2D out.


Anonymous said...

Jaw Breaker 2 delta,

Thinking-right.com is not SGT Keller's blog. It's mine, My name is Jim Cannon and I have worked with SGT Keller and CENTCOM so that I could interview soldiers on the gorund in Iraq and get their story out.

I am a civilian and have no connection to SGT Keller or CENTCOM other than having the priviledge of working with them while they set up the interviews with the brave men and women that are at the tip of the spear.

Jim Cannon

PS - my email address is jimc@thinking-right.com if you want verification

Mary*Ann said...

I could be insulted....I do believe I was your first legit comment...right after the spam...but that's ok...Cent Com trumps blogger :-)

You're doing great...blog on.