24 February 2007

My boots...

I've been home going on two years now. They'll be sending me back later this year.

I'll be wearing the same pair of boots. These boots are more than just footwear to me. They kept me comfortable in the nastiest place on Earth. I've literally been "in the shit" with them. They've come through for me.

They also remind me of who I am.

An American soldier.

A veteran.

They remind me of the friends I've made and the friends I've lost. The good times we had in the short time we were deployed. They keep me "in the game" even though I've been back for a while now.

They remind me to stay tactically and technically proficient. To master the Warrior Skills I'll need to survive again. They remind me that, while I don't hold the rank yet, that I will one day soon be a leader of soldiers. I will be responsible to the men on my left and right. I have buddies who will depend on me as I depend on them.

I will go there and back again.

These boots will get me there.

JB2D out.


Sgt. Chris Keller said...


Let me start by saying thank you for your years of service.

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Sgt. Chris Keller
U.S. Central Command Public Affairs
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Terri said...

Good speed on your trip back to the Sandbox. Will be thinking of you. Keep us posted on how things are going and we'd be happy to update our readers at A Soldier's Mind. Great blog!

Bud said...

about your boots : I was issued boots way back in 1962, and I still have them ... heavy black leather booths that run halfway up mu calf. I took them out and spit shined them for the 3/17/2007 trip to DC where we Veterans protected The Wall from the Moonbats. Keep them boots of yours read to go ... you never know when you'll need them, even after 45 years ...

linda said...

Thank you for your service, hard work and personal sacrifices. God look after you in the sandbox.

Hey, those boots are REALLY made for walking! heh