24 January 2010

This is the end......

Alright, this is truly the end of this blog (for now).

I failed my psych consultation. Apparently my driving record is so horrible that the Army, in all it's infinate wisdom, has determined that I have a "personality disorder". I shit you not. I even recieved a letter from the good douche bags at Milwaukee MEPs saying that. VERBATUM. Or it could be that I told them I want to enlist again so that I could deploy to theater..... guess that makes them question my sanity. Fuck them then.

So there is no reason for me to continue a military blog when I am not in the military any more, I mean I suppose I could but there are others who have better credentials than I whom are also a lot more qualified to offer their opinions to the vast interweb world.

So I would like to take the oppurtunity to thank the two people who were my *only* followers; Concrete Bob (glad to see you're back in the game bro!) and Chewbaccafuzzbal, and the awesome folks at UCV.com.

So for now, this blog is off the net. This may change as the threat level rises and my services are again required.

Rest assured, I will be here, on the intard-web, lurking..... watching...... waiting for the perfect moment to jump out from behind the door and scream in the face of injustice and douchebag-hood.

So until I am again needed;

Good-bye and good luck.............

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