25 September 2008


So, after my truck accident back in May, I've been out of a job. It sucked.

Then I went to a Veteran's Job Fair in Appleton.

Best move I've made since I enlisted.

See, I've been wanting to get a job a a Correctional Officer around where I live for a long time. Problem is, they have a minimum education requirement (which makes sense to me) but THEY NEVER PUT THAT IN THE JOB LISTING, THEY DON'T TELL YOU WHEN YOU INTERVIEW AND ONLY LET YOU KNOW WHEN THEY DECIDE TO GRACE YOU WITH A REJECTION LETTER! See, 9-11 happened during my first semester of college, I got mobilized in Feb '02 and haven't made it back to college. It's kind of tough to get an Associates Degree or even 60 college credits to meet the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections education requirements.

Never mind that I had served 9 months in a war zone (OIF 3? Anybody?) as part of a 5 man Special Operations team, earned a Combat Action Badge after being attacked at the intersection of Routes Predators & Senators, lived on the East side of Sadr City, was rocketed, mortared, shot at, bombed, pelted with rocks, hit in the face with half a cinder block and was lucky enough to get dysentery TWICE!

But I guess that just won't cut it, cause I'd have to be more qualified to babysit a bunch of degenerates who don't have the common sense or a properly working moral compass to keep their stupid asses out of jails.

So, all my experience aside, apparently the state of Wisconsin doesn't think I'm qualified. But the good folks within the Dept. of Homeland Security think I've got the right stuff.


Future Border Patrol Agent JB2D out!