09 November 2007

That didn't last too long....

Well, I had a feeling that I wouldn't last very long without my Army.

My discharge orders had a July 12th date on them. The other day, (November 7th) I went to the recruiter and began the paper work to get back into my old unit as they are getting set to deploy before years end.

Mostly because things just aren't going as I need them to on the job front (see previous post).

Good ole' Uncle Sam will always have a place for me at the dinner table.

Besides that, I was feeling like there was more that I could do to contribute to the war on terror that just my seething anger at democrats.

They sweet talk the country into voting them into "power" with promises of getting us out of Iraq, blah, blah, blah, etc....

Then they go on to piss off Turkey by condemning them for something that happened before any of them were born! Let alone had anything to do with! Then they follow that up with trying to get a FOUR DAY FUCKING WORK WEEK! These douche bags already waste 5 days doing nothing, somehow that's too much for them to handle?

I think these ass clowns (ALL of Congress) should be paid based on their merits, as they are not only pissing away our money, they're pissing away our votes, our country, and then turning around and aiming the stream on our heads and telling us it's raining!

I am truly scared for this country as it's heading for destruction at the hands of these liberal wackos!

Okay, enough with the rant. This is supposed to be a happy blog as I'm getting back in to do something about the current situation instead of being an armchair general or listen to the coward libs I keep meeting around here. I just wish that the world could see the good that is happening in Iraq instead of the Vietnam-era nightly body count and how many cars blew up.

The drive-by, main-stream media can kiss the whitest part of my ass.

So, sometime early next week, I should be at the Milwaukee MEPS and one step closer to helping win the War on Terror than the majority of our professional elected officials. And I'll only charge you (the tax payer) about $30K a year, tax free. Just enough to help support my wife, two kids and pay off some of my mortgage. About the same amount a McDonald's manager makes.

Would you like to Super-size that?

JB2D out (soon to be IN!).

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