02 July 2007

Is this the end!?!

Is JB2D about to sign off the net?

Don't bet on it.

That's right kids! JawBteaker 2 Delta


JB2D in all his sexiness!

is taking a short break in service. I'm thinking long and hard at whether or not to stay in, stay Civil Affairs, stay Reserves, or should I go National Guard?

If I go Guard, do I go 11B or 19D?

Any thoughts?

JB2D out (but not for long....)


Matt said...

Well when if it was me i would definately consider going 19d. Just because you get some armor around you instead of air. :) That said if you want special forces or anything in that line then 11b makes the most sense to me. But yeah, what are your thoughts on where you want to go?

by Sergeant First Class Chuck Grist said...

I don't know how many years you have in, but in a year and a half I will retire - could do it sooner, but waiting until the last moment. When you are young you don't realize some of the great benefits of sticking around, especially Tricare for Life. That benefit alone is probably worth another $10-12,000 a year- the approximate cost of personal health insurance for a married couple at retirement age in the civilian world. With the potential for deployment still high, I understand why so many young soldiers are getting out. Just don't give it up before you think about the long haul. Good luck either way.

SFC Chuck Grist

Matti said...

Hmm. Well, obviously such an important decision needs to be considered from as many points of view as possible. I don't know much about the different aspects of your choices from a military point of view, but from a woman's point of view, National Guard is the sexiest item on your list of choices. Though between 11b and 19d, after looking at them for a bit, they seem to me to be equally sexy. Maybe 19d is just a little bit more... I think it's the "constantly lift heavy objects" requirement. Killer for the back, perhaps, but would definitely earns you some extra points on the sexiness scale. :-)

Anonymous said...

I would think about it very hard. I believe that this is something that is very important to you, it becomes harder when there are children and loved ones involved. You seem to be in touch with reality and well spoken, so with intelligence, you will make the right decision. You seem to have done so to date. Just remember when you go forward, it is hard to step back and see the big picture in the end.