08 June 2007

Internet, this is JawBreaker2Delta, radio check, over.

Greetings and salutations inter-web savvy folks of JB2D land!

Fear not! I'm still in "the loop", just trying to hunt up a new job (see previous post) and working on cooking up a good rant.

I promise a good one before too long.


JB2D out.


Mary*Ann said...

Job hunting...always good for working up a rant. Good Luck.

Matti said...

Ah well. I haven't even touched my own blog for almost three weeks now, so there's no way I'm going to pick on you for lack of updates. ;-)

Good luck on that job hunt. You know, I had absolutely no clue what a Master Control Operator was until a few moments ago when I followed your handy dandy link. That was a really cool website.

I love a good rant. Tastes like chicken. :-)