27 May 2007

A thought on the troop funding / withdrawl bill.

Nobody asked me.

I'm the one who will leave my wife and two children a second time. I'm the one you all claim to be supporting, but you are going out of your way to stop me from doing my job.

Nobody asked ME if I want to leave.

Because I don't.

In fact, I'd like to go back to Baghdad as soon as possible. And for as loong as it takes.

But you will never know that, because they won't ask me. They don't want you to know that we (soldiers) are not only the best at what we do, but we believe in what we're doing. We want to be there.

Believing in us means you also believe in our mission. You cannot have one without the other. It is the nature of the military.

There is no light without dark.

Without war there would be no warriors to stand up and keep you safe when the threat arises.

You all claim to believe in us and support us and all that jibber jabber. But the bottom line is your actions are speaking louder than your weak words.

Don't bring me home yet, I'm not done. I've looked into the eyes of countless Iraqi children. I've talked with them and spent countless hours out in the blistering sun trying to give them the quality of life that they deserve.

There is more to this amazing world beyond our own borders. And we owe it to our children and their children to do everything in our power to make tomorrow the best it possibly can be.

Please, don't bring me home just yet, I'm working over here. So you and your children won't have to.

So please, be patient. Let's do this once, the right way.

Thank you.

JB2D out.

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Matti said...

I think one of the most amazing things about all the hoop-la from the anti-war, pull-out movement is the complete disregard for the service members' views on the issue. The majority of service members I've talked to have expressed views just like you have here. They want to finish the job.

Of course, the fact that anti-war politicians aren't listening to the overall sentiments of the military doesn't surprise me much. I think they'll whore themselves to whomever will kiss them hardest, and soldiers just won't kiss hard enough. War protestors will. Living soldiers don't pay out enough politically for politicians to take them seriously.

And as for the protestors, I can only rack their deafness up to absolute stupidity. They say they're protesting because they love you so much they don't want you to get hurt. And yet, I remember seeing one video of protestors haranguing a group of soldiers heading out to Iraq. The protestors were shouting things like, "You do not have to go! Shoot your commanding officers!" They don't want you guys to get hurt, but they want you guys to start shooting each other?

Absolute. Stupidity.

Meanwhile, over at Badgers Forward, Badger 6 wrote a post about how one person called his blog "a font of propaganda." The person said he'd heard that the U.S. Military is using cyberspace to "push their mission." When milblogs become "propaganda" to them, they are way beyond hearing what you guys have to say.

Hmm. Sorry to rant. But I get a little angry over this. :-)