09 May 2007


It's official, I'm a home owner! I've bought a 2300 sq foot home in Waupaca County, WI and I love it! It's about 110 years old, but it's solid.

Then I bought a puppy. Black lab/golden retriever mix. Cute as hell. Dr. Rocko is his name. I'll post pictures soon.

And there is a LOT of stuff that has pissed me off to no end and there WILL be rants coming soon.

I'd like to thank all the people that dropped me a comment about my short break in blogging. I'm grateful and thankful for your concern and support. You guys kick ass!

I've also found out from my co-worker "Victor Scott" (The co-writer of Road Trip to Oblivion) that an FM radio station in NYC has picked up their show, so many good things are just over the horizon. Keep listening to the Road Trip.

JB2D out.

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SFC Chuck Grist said...

Congratulations on the home. Great move for your family. Now you get to enjoy all the great things about home ownership: mortgage payments, taxes, repairs, lawn maintenance and much, much more! Been at it for over thirty years - four kids, three grandkids and one (1) wife - it's worth every ounce of sweat...

SFC Chuck Grist